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It is not intended for other cataloging staff responsible for copy cataloging or for acquisitions staff involved in FASTCAT processing.

The warning message means that the bibliographic record has been sent to MARS for authorities processing but has not yet been received back and loaded.

Following a MARBI Committee (Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information Committee) proposal approved in July 2008, use of the 440 MARC field will become obsolete.

Nor does it explain specialized functions such as replacing master name authority records or creating records and adding them to the authority file. For task-specific procedures, refer to OCLC Connexion is available on the OCLC Web site, in PDF or HTML format, at the following location. Updates To learn of new and revised documentation added to the OCLC Web site, subscribe to DOCupdate-L.If there’s interest, I will inject Simon Spero’s ingenious screen-scrape dump of LC Authority files, which will give me the necessary link between 001 and 035 fields. As with most everything else OCLC does, the core information was created at taxpayer expense, and is legally impossible to copyright.The VIAF® (Virtual International Authority File) combines multiple name authority files into a single OCLC-hosted name authority service. The Declare Function statements at the start of the macro lists the functions and their arguments.The macro relies on the presence of commas and semi-colons to determine where a name starts and stops, so there may often be "false" fields that need to be deleted, and some names (especially those that should be in direct order, or where there are multiple surnames) will need to be altered to reflect the authorized form of the name.

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