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So I became the kid with a camera, which inevitably led to being the kid people asked to shoot their student films: I shot more than a dozen shorts between myself and my friends, as we struggling multi-hyphenates stumbled our way towards graduation.Projects I shot included an adaptation of one of Roald Dahl’s WWII stories, a Hong Kong-style shoot ’em up, an existential Western, a melancholy sci-fi tableau, and more than a handful of comedies.Owning a DVX, and learning more about it, quickly led me to the DVXuser forum, a font of knowledge on DIY filmmaking, which was taking on a new digital mantle during the early oughts.Filmmakers like Stu Maschwitz, who wrote the DV Rebel’s Guide, were inspiring the Web 1.0 creators who would go on to become Web 2.0 You Tube stars, and from these resources I learned about and bought lens adapters, filters, sound gear, and everything I needed to create nice images on a not so nice budget–albeit in Standard Definition.READ MORE: 40 Female Filmmakers to Follow on Twitter The DVX is one of the finest digital cameras every made, was extremely popular, and had a huge following.I loved its manual controls, its simplicity and the power of feeling I knew how to get the best footage out of it I could (a feeling I’ve only ever gotten since with the Digital Bolex).Note: The exchange process usually takes around 1-2 weeks (depending on shipping times).Sale items are generally accepted under our standard return policy unless noted otherwise during the checkout process.

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I became a cinematographer by accident, the way many others become a cinematographer: I bought a camera.

I moved to Los Angeles in 2004 to attend the Writing for Screen and Television program at USC.

As a screenwriter, I was in the lowest caste of the film school (as far as borrowing school equipment went), so when I was in my introductory film production class, I was faced with a conundrum.

I’ve always strived to push my work to its limits, but I didn’t feel I could learn much about visual storytelling from the camcorders available at school, so a few short films and one machinima into the semester, I bought a DVX-100 on e Bay with money I’d saved from a graphic design job.

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