Chat jungle info

This saves your group so you can quickly text-chat with them again, or send them photos and videos through the camera interface.Option B: Take the photo or video you’d like to send, tap the blue send arrow, and then start tapping names of your buds you want in your snapping crew.Follow up with Blade of the Ruined King or Trinity Force and laugh (to yourself) at /all chat.If Irelia, ahem, secures a few early kills, all of the above points snowball into a blade maiden completely capable of putting the game on her back. OIBFj Kory is able to tell his team when red buff is about to spawn and also ping dragon's timer to give his team some time to get ready.

Des individus mélaniques ont par ailleurs été signalés.Remember, Equilibrium Strike offers up a stun rather than a slow if Irelia’s health percent is lower than her target’s.And yes, we know that’s not what equilibrium means.Magic damage, physical damage, true damage--Irelia’s got it all.Building against Irelia is nightmarish enough before the Devourer enchantment’s added to the mix.

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