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So, if I have any major pet peeve, it’s paying to park my car.

Cars are expensive enough to run, I don’t agree with them being expensive to stop as well!

And so going on dates with guys who I wouldn’t normally date seemed like an interesting experiment, as well as perhaps an opportunity for some of my closest friends to show me that some of my pre-conceptions about, and requirements for, guys were unfounded and unnecessary.

And so I wrote a piece for Threads, explaining my main motives for previously avoiding religious guys. For a start, religious beliefs are pretty fundamental to a person!

It’s one thing to be friends with someone with such different beliefs, but quite another to think about stuff like raising a family with him.

It’s Friday night, and regular readers of the blog will have realised I try to sneak in a quick yoga class before Friday night dates.

(Or, stick shells in a freezer bag and freeze them for a couple of weeks, if you want to space out the crab meals.) Tossing the shells in a hot oven for just a couple of minutes brings out a roasty-crab aroma that will create quick depth of flavor for a speedy homemade stock, even if you don’t have a ton of shells.

(Cheat sheet tip: You can also boost the flavor by adding a little bottle clam juice to your stock.) The stock can then be added to a simple roux, a little sherry and a bit of low-fat evaporated milk for a creamy, satisfying soup that tastes fattier and more expensive than it is.

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Because you can get a whole second crab-dish from that one purchase by making crab bisque the next day.I’m a New Zealander and that’s what I’ll be writing on 7 March for NZ’s Census 2006. Over the years I’ve noticed an unfortunate problem surfacing. Instead of the format 07-Mar-2006, it comes out as 07/Mar/2006. Excel stores the date separator as a forward slash. Regional Settings = dd-MMM-yyyy then I format a cell as dd-mmm-yyyy. You format a cell using a different date separator to that specified in Regional Settings.There has been a bit of news in this country about that issue. The cell will then never inherit from Regional Settings. Since my computer’s Regional Settings has a hyphen (-) for a date separator, I activated the “inherit” mode for the date separator.As you move into adulthood, if you still attend a church, and read religious newspapers and online media, the chances are that religion is a defining part of who you are.So why would I, as someone for whom religion is of no importance, ever consider looking for a life-partner who holds such different beliefs about where we have come from, and where we will eventually end up?

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