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Apparently from what i gathered, she and him fell asleep in bed. Since then she's been sick and hasnt really wanted me around for the past 3 days. She doesnt protest to me being with her, but she wont let me touch or hold or cuddle with her. I'm a forgive and forget kind of person, and i believe her when she says nothing happened at the guys house.But the only way i can communicate with her is to drop in and see her at her house. I tell her i love her and want nothing more to be with her to love her, and comfort her. If not, she's probably sleeping with him, and I don't mean the kind with your eyes shut and you dream.By Jodi Helmer Hope dated several men after she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder II in 2004, but none of the relationships lasted long enough to make her mental health an issue.When Hope, 45, developed feelings for a local restaurateur in 2009, she knew she would have to talk to him about her diagnosis before things got serious.Just recently I've started dating a woman (she's 31, I'm 27).I''ve known her for about three years now, and we share a large group of friends; she is kind, intelligent, and a talented musician, but always seemed to live a very eratic life style.

But in reality, mood disorders can be hard to pinpoint--particularly in people with bipolar disorder symptoms.

“I was excited about this blossoming relationship and enamored with this man,” recalls Hope, a freelance communications consultant in Denver, Colorado.

“But I remember thinking, ‘He’s going to freak out when I tell him I have bipolar disorder.’” The “when and how” decision was taken out of her hands when her new love dropped a bombshell: His soon-to-be ex had bipolar and her illness was one reason they were divorcing.

It was only recently when we've shared mutual interest in dating each other that I i've found out that she has bipolar disorder.

She's been very honest to me about her condition, and she sees a therapist and takes medication, but I also understand there will be times when I need to be there for her, so I've started checking out books at the library to try to better understand manic depression. When are the best ways to help her through a manic/depression episode?

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