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There is no question that the internet is transforming our lives.

Information technology has become integral to personal and professional activities, including social life across the age span.

Internet dating alone is changing the face of courtship and dating, and while we are already being shaped by the technology we have created, we can't comprehend the full effects of this uncontrolled social experiment.

The family agreement is a great place to start and you can begin conversations about boundaries.

It is also good to give your child strategies on how to cope with anything upsetting they see online, ie.

We see it in our children, but we often don't know what they are up to, and we see it in new generations of young adults, who older folks may have difficulty connecting with because we don't necessarily understand what their basic social experience has been like.

There is concern that the internet and social media are having a negative impact.

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Profiles are visible to everyone who visits this online dating website unless they change their setting in order to hide them.

When that season went over like a ride on the Hindenburg, Rocket found himself the public face of the disaster.

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