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As a managed service, leverage Big Data and advanced statistical techniques to continuously optimize not just visitor targeting, but every stage of the funnel.

Leverage insights from customer behavior to improve agent performance and funnel efficiency.

Daniel Blair is a former professional motocross racer and current host of Arenacross on FS1.

Jim never fails to bring a colorful twist to all the action and drama as it unfolds from the the first book to tell the story of the brave activists at the beating heart of the sex workers’ rights movement in Africa—the newest and most vibrant face of the global sex workers’ rights struggle.African sex worker activists are proving that communities facing human rights abuses are not bereft of agency.They’re challenging politicians, religious fundamentalists, and anti-prostitution advocates; confronting the multiple stigmas that affect the diverse members of their communities; engaging in intersectional movement building with similarly marginalized groups; and participating in the larger global sex workers’ rights struggle in order to determine their social and political fate.challenges disempowering and one-dimensional depictions of “degraded Third World prostitutes” and helps fill what has been a gaping hole in feminist scholarship regarding sex work in the African context.

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