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Males provide and distribute the “seeds of mankind” and the success of the human race depends on how successfully they are able to do this.

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As she reentered the dating world, her friends were all saying “I do.” when she said, ‘I’ve been dating since I was 15! You want ‘your person.’” Her person is smart, funny, considerate, and passionate about his own hobbies.

Here’s who he’s not: the guy who recently asked her out, offering to take her either to happy hour or to a restaurant where he had a coupon for the pasta special - provided that she only order the pasta special. I know they’re out there and they’re sick of the club scene, too.” She’s had steamy affairs with twenty-somethings (“Let’s face it,” she says, “the sex is really good.”) but she no longer dates guys without spouse potential.

A common theme that exists among the college dating scene is the idea that men want minimal commitment and women want a serious, or at least monogamous relationship.

The key to overcoming this barrier is to understand why this divide exists and learn how to prevent it from negatively influencing your own personal relationships.

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