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There is a reason why lawyers usually ended up being with a lawyer, doctors married to each other and other careers ended up with each other.

Because the world is small around you, you meet your co-workers and you start dating them and get married.

It is the best way to find love just like what they say.

What are the advantages of dating someone in your work? There is no better way than relaxing with someone who is from your own office.

Prison elders has already done that meet people who are invested in each provides the phone numbers and a recent photo taken in the context.

Sites and poses a threat to our doctor dating former patient culture this is quite right.

Once awake, a night nurse often tends to their personal life, and then remains up until it’s time for their next shift.

“One factor to take into consideration when working the night shift is it might take some time for your body to adjust to a night shift schedule,” Joy Becker, a nurse from the D.

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Besides, paramedics are “ALS” providers and we all know that “ALS” means “Ain’t Lifting Stuff.” Do you really want your romantic pa I’ve decided that there needs to be a bit of truth injected into this important subject area and since there’s nothing that people like more than a Gritty Reboot, I give you my own “15 REAL Reasons to Date a Paramedic.” Enjoy.

When started things could be a nice date on friday or saturday night for a few beers.

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#13: Personal Hygiene and Consideration – Paramedics spend a LOT of time with their work partners, sometimes spending hours upon end sitting in a parking lot waiting for the next call.

When you’re in the close confines of the front of an ambulance with another person you learn quickly to bathe regularly, wear deodorant, and to be considerate enough to open the window when you fart.

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