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For cheaper flights, look to the earliest and latest flights of the day. These hotels will be in the business district — which isn't always the most vibrant part of town — but that's a small trade-off if you're getting a good deal. Get investment advice and money-saving tips in the AARP Money Newsletter. Consider finding a room at sites like and airbnb.com; you'll pay less and feel like a local. When abroad, use your debit card at ATMs to withdraw local currency from your home bank account. bank has a partner in Europe, use their ATMs for the best rates. If you are taking your smartphone or tablet to Europe, buy an international phone/data package before you leave to prevent costly roaming charges.

The road warriors are gone and so are the high prices. Check out a city's official tourism website under Convention Calendar to spot the best times for a visit. Head to ski resorts in the summer and beach locations in late August or early September. If hotel rates seem sky-high, there are often cheaper, legitimate alternatives.

In a dramatic setting on the flanks of 8,000-foot Mt. There we'll take a vivid walking tour of Olympia's ancient athletic venues, temples, and museum, followed by lunch together. Kardamyli is an ideal place to enjoy a "vacation from your vacation." After some orientation by your guide, the day is all yours. We'll follow the coast to the isolated Mani Peninsula, home to generations-long clan wars, salt-of-the-earth villages, and unique — tower houses. You will be rewarded with sweeping Aegean views and a chance to explore the ruins of the Upper Town — a living museum of Byzantine, Ottoman and Venetian history. After stopping in nearby Sparta for lunch, we'll continue north to our destination: the delightful, fortress-topped harbor town of Nafplio. After breakfast we'll take a short drive to mysterious Mycenae, the fortified city founded by Perseus a thousand years before the Parthenon was built. Your entire day is free to soak up the whitewashed architecture as you wander Hydra's narrow streets and harbor promenade. Breakfast is provided, but there are no group activities today. The weather was nearly perfect and the crowds were never a problem so that all heled to make many wow moments." I was uncertain about touring with a bus full of strangers, but our time in Greece exceeded all of my expectations.

Parnassus we'll enjoy the fresh air and tour the mystical ruins of Delphi. This afternoon's drive will take us along sweeping views of the Ionian Sea to the relaxed seaside village of Kardamyli, where we'll sleep (2 nights). You might hike along the ancient cobbled paths that wind their way through the nearby hills — or just relax on the beach — and end your day with a grilled seafood dinner and a view from the little you've discovered. We'll enjoy a Greek wine and ouzo tasting, and sleep in Nafplio (2 nights). We'll take a walking tour through the grand Lion Gate, along the "cyclopean" walls, and into a remarkably domed tomb. Once the most famous healing center in the Mediterranean, today's star attraction is its ancient theater, large enough to accommodate 14,000. You might swim at a nearby beach, hike across the island, or try to make friends with a donkey. This morning we'll take a ferry ride to Piraeus, where our bus will be waiting to take us back to our Athens hotel. You can easily catch a cab for the airport, or to nearby Piraeus where a fleet of ferries awaits to transport those with time to even more Greek destinations. It had the right balance of structure and free time. Each day I thought we could not top but it just got better. Anastasia was a wonderful guide, supplemented by all of the local guides. In addition to all the amazing, historical sites, I enjoyed the visit to the olive oil factory, the cooking class, and Anastasia's explanation of the current situation in Greece and its surrounding countries.

This evening we'll enjoy dinner together, and then listen to the history of bagpipes and a real Scottish piper. This morning we'll tour a reconstruction of Scotland's unique crannogs: prehistoric, defensive homesteads built on piers out over the lochs.

Sleep in or near the village of Kenmore (2 nights). We'll also learn about the first people to farm in this part of the world, millennia ago. Today we'll tour evocative Culloden Battlefield where, in 1746, Bonnie Prince Charlie's defeat ended decades of Scottish rebellion against the English government.

Nothing says "Berlin" quite like the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor), long the city's most defining monument and its answer to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Loosely modeled on the Acropolis in Athens and built for King Frederick Wilhelm II in 1791, this 26-meter-high sandstone monument in the Mitte district's Pariser Platz was Berlin's first Neoclassical structure, notable for its four-horse chariot, its six large columns on each side forming five passages for use by traffic (the center one reserved for royalty), and the two buildings used by toll-collectors and guards.

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You will be choosing the book which is reliable and contains much information.However, I was expecting to see the country and the key archaeological sites but I was not prepared for 6 museums. The old history was interesting to a point but it got to where I felt like I was taking a college class on ancient Greek history and was failing poorly.A graphical timeline with the key periods on it would have been helpful.Andrews; shake paws with a sheep dog; try a wee dram at a whisky distillery; explore the Highlands; ponder Lochs Ness, Garry, and Lomond; wander over the Isles of Mull and Iona; and time-travel about the craggy castles of Edinburgh, Stirling, and Urquhart. We'll then take a neighborhood walk and tour of Georgian Edinburgh before getting acquainted over dinner. Then we'll wind our way through the medieval streets, stopping at Grassmarket and Greyfriar's Cemetery before ending at the impressive National Museum of Scotland. Tonight, join your guide and fellow tour members for a pint at a local pub to share the stories of your Scottish experiences. Our first stop is in the picturesque burgh of Culross, where we'll learn about long-ago lifestyles as we tour a 17th-century cottage "palace." Then we're off to St.Andrews, Scotland's oldest university town and mecca for golfers worldwide. Andrews' medieval cathedral, watch duffers playing the Old Course, and enjoy lunch.

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